Short fiction by E.Saxey


Science Fiction

Raising the Sea-Drowned        *free*
(The Fantasist)
Weird tech start-up comedy novella from London’s Silicon Roundabout.

Lucidity        *free!*
(Unsung Stories)
You’re young and in love! Why not take an oneirogenic drug? (CW for a mention of abuse)

No Children *free!*
(Corvid Queen)
Who you gonna call? Butch builders. Out on the coast, someone needs the help of a van-load of women.

The Ruin
(Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology)
Love among the ruins! (Why are you hanging out in those ruins, though? Don’t you think that’s a little suspicious?)

Melioration            *free!*
(Queers Destroy Science Fiction )
Dreaming spires and fiendish brain-mangling devices. Science doesn’t work like this.

Not Smart, Not Clever          *free!*
(Apex Magazine)
Plagiarism! So tempting, so iniquitous. Students test the limits of technology and ethics. (More thoughts on the blog.)

My Rightwise Home             *free!*
(Expanded Horizons)An arrogant actor is knocked off his perch, and sets off into the mist. (Origin story here.)

The Librarian’s Dilemma     *free!*
(The Journal of Unlikely Academia)
A young library assistant tries to drag a historical archive into the modern era. Anthologised in the excellent Transcendent: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction and Ex Libris: Stories of Librarians, Libraries and Lore

Windows into Men’s Hearts
(Tales from the Vatican Vaults, edited by David V. Barrett.)
Highly trained Jesuits infiltrate England, but run quickly into trouble. (Sneak preview here via Google.)

Red Kite Kindred            *free!*
(Persistent Visions Magazine)
A story about loving someone completely unlike you, and talking animals.

Farming the sun in the Shetland Islands. Part of an excellent Glasgow art magazine.

There is a Willow Grows Aslant a Brook
(Reflectionsby Fox Spirit Books)
Suggests some nasty uses of 3D printing.

(The Lowest Heaven Jurassic London)
A queer Victorian traveller explores new horizons.
Other standouts include the idiosyncratic “Uranus” by E. Saxey, about gay love, alienation, and astral travel’ The Guardian
‘…a charming fantasy centring on the late-Victorian homosexual demimonde’ Financial Times

A Day Without Sunshine      *free!*
(Escape Pod)
You meet a nice bloke. He seems to be on your wavelength. But he may not be on your timeline.

A Marvelous Neutrality
(Aghast Magazine)
Victorian occultism: John Dee and a bunch of bees.

Anxiety  *free!*(The Rite of Spring, Jurassic London)
Freud is having uneasy dreams and a troublesome tea break.

Tanty Marlene              *free!*
(The Future Fire)
Losing your grandfather is sad. Deciding what to do with your grandfather’s girlfriend is really awkward.

Come Back Early or Never Come            *free!*
(Holdfast Magazine)
For anyone who phones home and finds their parents communing with unspeakable darkness and running the Church fĂȘte.

Canaries             *free!*
(Daily Science Fiction)
High ideals and soaring architecture, as underpaid students explore a Utopian city.
More thoughts on big buildings and big egos here on the blog.

Hej!            *free!*
After a great trauma, a trip to IKEA.

Across the Wasteland Beyond the Glittering City              *free!*
In which I am sarcastic about children’s fiction, because of my great love of children’s fiction.